About Us

Believe it clothing company is a forward affirmation company.  We use apparel to project direct statements to every person we pass on the streets, or come in contact with .  We are planting seeds of self awareness to create conscious reflection.

We strive to inspire and encourage people to genuinely define themselves as the incredible humans we were all created to be.

We share the message that we are all worthy and every one of us has the potential to recover from the hurtful lies we've been telling ourselves or believing from others.

We want each human to be able to look in the mirror and say "I AM", then insert every positive word they can think of .  

True identity is not based on what we do, what we have done, or what has been done to us.  It is who we know we are!

For some people, our message might be the one hopeful thing they experience in a day and our goal is to part of this empowering experience.

We Believe It about everyone, and we want everyone to Believe It about themselves as well.

We wear it and share it forward.